Life in vnps is giving your child the best you wanted as a parent. We support the students by making maximum facilities available to grow their optimum. A blend of technology, pedagogy and infrastructure makes the VNPS unique.


VNPS encourages our students to take part in various club activities. Clubs are work groups of pupils who show an extra or special interest in a particular subject or activity. We have several clubs functioning with whole hearted support of pupils and teachers. Club offering varies from year to year depending on student interest. A variety of clubs and activities allow students to explore shared interest with their peers. Different clubs are conveining various interesting programmes. Working together with students and parents, we strive to ensure that each student gets the opportunity to develop to his full potential. We take pride in making students motivated and inspired through the club activities.

This year the following clubs are functioning with enthusiasm:

  • Palliative club
  • JRC wing
  • Band team
  • Science club
  • Social Club
  • Maths club
  • Language club
  • Health club
  • Eco club

Providing education in a holistic manner simultaneously ensuring excellence in all its aspects is the hallmark of VNPS.

Shaping young, susceptible mind is one of the life’s biggest challenges. We aim to empower our students to grow as individuals with strong, open and discerning minds with an international perspective and preparing them to make a mark in a global village - the world today. We are committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment to our students. 

Vidyanagar public school follows the CBSE curriculum from std I to X besides the special curriculum for the moral education. VNPS is a school of life skills. Our basic aim is to identify the skills of each child and give the ample chances to nourish them. To attain this aim we follows the following unique features.

  • Fully digitalized class rooms.
  • Individual care in each subject.
  • Fixed class strength. (25 - 30 students)
  • Integrated approach in std I and II.
  • Work books for English and Mathematics for class I to V.
  • Vast library with reference books in all subjects and different languages.
  • Frequent teachers training and motivation sessions for students

The school provides a safe ,healthy,challenging and appealing environment for your child to enjoy their years of learning.

VNPS offers an enviornment which is clean,safe and welcoming.The campus comprises a spacious building having digitalized classrooms,science laboratories,IT labs,library and office area.The campus consists of green areas kindergarten campus,elementary play area and a prayer hall.